The BeauBin is the Modern Way to Feed Hay

Award Winning Hay Feeder

BeauBin award

Winner of the Innovate Competition in 2016, the BeauBin is a modern, 21st century hay feeder for horses. The BeauBin provides horse owners with the benefits of both a hay net and a bin in one hay feeder.



Keep Hay Contained

BeauBin hayPlace your horse's hay in the BeauBin and rest assured that it won't to go to waste. No more hay blowing away in the wind, no more hay scattered in mud or stable bedding, and no more hay being used as a toilet.



Promote Grazing Behaviour

BeauBin grazingHorses have evolved to graze all day, eating little and often. The BeauBin helps your horse to eat hay like nature intended. If your horse needs to eat slow or needs a restricted diet, use a BeauBin hay net with smaller holes.



Effortless to Fill

BeauBin easyThe BeauBin is a quick and easy way to feed hay when you don't want hay on the ground. Multiple BeauBins can be filled in the time it takes to fill and tie up one hay net. No more time and effort spent on handling hay nets.



From Paddock to Stable

BeauBin stableThe BeauBin goes wherever your horse does. Whether its free-standing in a paddock, or tied up to a fence post or a wall in the stable or yard, the BeauBin is as portable as any other feed bin.



Two Year Warranty*

BeauBin warrantyFrom November 2020, the BeauBin comes with a two year warranty (click here for terms). That means after years of testing and refinements, we are confident that the BeauBin is a high quality, durable product.




Innovate Winner

First Place in the 2016 Innovate Competition.

Free Shipping

For BeauBin orders New Zealand wide (excludes orders for accessories).

2 Year Warranty*

For the BeauBin and its permanent parts (click here for terms).