Product Warranty

At Peurgon, we design and produce products that are high quality and durable. Our products have gone through rigorous testing and refinements over many years, and therefore we support our customers should an issue arise.


Limited 2 Year Warranty

From November 2020, our BeauBins are guaranteed for two years from the date of purchase against defects in manufacturing and workmanship. This guarantee applies to the plastic and permanent components of the BeauBin, but does not apply to the components that are replaceable or repairable. The BeauBin’s latches and hay nets are examples of components that are replaceable or repairable. However we still encourage customers to get in touch with us if they experience issues with the BeauBin’s replaceable or repairable parts if an issue could be considered as unreasonable.

If we determine that a BeauBin has a manufacturing or workmanship fault, we will arrange an appropriate remedy. The decision to repair, replace, partially refund or fully refund is solely at the discretion of Peurgon. We may offer more than one viable remedy.

Proof of purchase is required to utilise the warranty, and the warranty is only valid for the original purchaser. Once a BeauBin has been passed on to a new owner who was not the original purchaser, then any remainder of the warranty is voided.

This warranty does not cover failures due to misuse, accidental damage or adaptations made to the BeauBin post-purchase. Cosmetic imperfections due to the nature of the manufacturing process are also excluded from this warranty.

We will supply ‘Care of Use Instructions’ for your BeauBin after your purchase. It is essential for the warranty that these instructions are followed otherwise the warranty may be voided.


Innovate Winner

First Place in the 2016 Innovate Competition.

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2 Year Warranty*

For the BeauBin and its permanent parts (click here for terms).