BeauBin 2 Year Warranty

Why do we offer a warranty?

Our BeauBins are made in New Zealand with the highest quality parts that are specifically created for strength and durability to survive typical rough horse behaviour.

We don’t want our customers to worry about their horse breaking a BeauBin, and we want customers to feel reassured that they’re investing in a quality, long-lasting product.

We are so confident in the quality and strength of our BeauBin that it comes with a 2 year warranty.


How does the warranty work?

If your horse happened to break a BeauBin, we would happily repair, replace or refund your BeauBin under its 2 year warranty.

The decision to repair, replace or refund is at the discretion of Peurgon. The decision will be based on: the extent of the damage; whether the BeauBin is still useable; and our customer’s preference.

With a 2 year warranty, the BeauBin's price equals less than $1 a day (or a little more than the cost of a coffee each week) over the warranty period.


What is excluded from the warranty?

1.  Superficial damage that does not impair the function of the BeauBin e.g. scratches.

2.  Failures due to misuse or adaptations made to the BeauBin post-purchase.

3.  Cosmetic imperfections due to manufacturing processes.

4.  Components that are replaceable or repairable:

- BeauBin latches, which come with a 1 year warranty (can be repaired or replaced).

- BeauBin hay nets, which come with a 1 year workmanship warranty (can be repaired or replaced).

- Plugs (can be replaced).

5.  Accidental damage caused by unexpected events. For this we recommend checking with your insurance provider.

6.  If a BeauBin is passed on to a new owner who was not the original purchaser, then any remaining warranty is voided.

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