BeauBin Testimonials

"They’re the best thing since sliced bread!!! A mate who graze’s at my place didn’t think they’d be so good. I’m really happy and would love them in every paddock!"

- Beccy, Wellington


"I swear my BeauBins save me so much hay they must pay for themselves in a season. Bloody windy Welly."

- Julia, Wellington


"The BeauBin is easy to use, quick to fill and much quicker to refill than hay nets."

- Anonymous, Invercargill


"The horses no longer scatter their hay around and leave leftovers. Plus their hay lasts them much longer throughout the day/night so that they aren’t standing around with no hay for long periods of time. The BeauBin is easy to fill, especially in comparison to hay nets which you always have a fight with. Hay nets also have to be tied up which makes you worry about it untying and the horse getting tangled in it."

- Georgia, Auckland


"The BeauBin certainly slowed down their ability to eat the hay. I think they are safer than hay nets and probably hold a wee bit more as well. You can soak and then feed the hay all in the one receptacle, genius."

- Elisabeth, Christchurch


"The BeauBin is easier to fill than hay nets and there is no wasted hay."

- Helen, Southland


"The BeauBin has reduced hay wastage in the mud during Winter and slowed down hay consumption in Spring. It's better than other products, no need to hang from anything, feed naturally from ground level. Perfect for fat horses like mine who need hay but need to slow down consumption so it lasts longer."

- Anonymous, Nelson


"The BeauBin has been great as a slow feeder for me and no mess. I like the colour and the ease of use."

- Niesha, Nelson


"The BeauBin saves a lot of time! A lot faster than nets, tidier than buckets. Did take a few horses a bit of time to understand it."

- Anonymous, Wellington


Innovate Winner

First Place in the 2016 Innovate Competition.

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