Peurgon Policy

Order Processing


After placing an order, you will receive an email confirmation from us that your order has been received and your payment has been accepted. Please contact us directly if you have any queries about your email order confirmation.

Our website currently does not actively record and monitor stock levels. If you have ordered an item that is currently out of stock, then we will inform you within 24 hours of your order being placed. We will advise the expected time frame that your ordered item will be back in stock, or if you prefer not to wait then we will offer a substitute or a refund.


If circumstances change and you need to cancel your order, please contact Peurgon directly to request a cancellation.

Once the cancellation has been approved and processed by Peurgon, the refund will be completed using the original method of purchase. There may be a delay of up to 10 working days for the funds to appear on your statement. If you have any concerns about your refund then please contact us.

Cancellations cannot be processed once your order has already been shipped.


Afterpay is a third-party payment provider and Peurgon has no influence on how Afterpay manages or processes payments. Please refer to Afterpay directly for their Terms of Service here.


BeauBins include free shipping to New Zealand addresses in the North Island and the South Island. Orders for replacement parts and accessories will incur shipping costs, which will be applied as part of the checkout process.

In New Zealand once your order has been shipped, the estimated arrival time is 1-3 working days for an urban location or 4-6 days for a rural address.

Currently we do not send products to addresses outside of New Zealand, however if you do not reside in New Zealand and would like to enquire about placing an order then please contact us directly.


General Terms and Conditions


All prices are shown in NZD currency and include GST unless otherwise stated. Peurgon is not liable for any additional charges you incur directly from your bank or credit card provider as a result of completing your purchase.

Product Suitability

By purchasing our products, you accept responsibility for determining the suitability of the product for your particular situation and are responsible for using the products in a manner that you deem safe for your horse. Due to the unpredictable nature of horses, Peurgon will not be liable for any injuries to your horse that you claim have been caused by using the product.

Ownership of Product Design

By purchasing our products, you agree that the product will not be used to replicate the design, or part of the design, for another personal or commercial product. You agree that Peurgon owns the product design and Peurgon reserves all rights to the design of the product.

Privacy Policy

When you purchase something from Peurgon, we collect personal information including name, address, email address and phone number that you provide as part of the purchase process.

The information we gather is used to improve our products and services for our customers. We may also use this information to notify you of special announcements and to request participation in market research activities.

Peurgon does not store credit card details, and we do not disclose, sell or trade any personal information about you to third parties.


Limited 2 Year Warranty

From November 2020, our BeauBins are guaranteed for two years from the date of purchase against defects in manufacturing and workmanship. This guarantee applies to the plastic and permanent components of the BeauBin, but does not apply to the components that are replaceable or repairable. The BeauBin’s latches and hay nets are examples of components that are replaceable or repairable. However we still encourage customers to get in touch with us if they experience issues with the BeauBin’s replaceable or repairable parts if an issue could be considered as unreasonable.

If we determine that a BeauBin has a manufacturing or workmanship fault, we will arrange an appropriate remedy. The decision to repair, replace, partially refund or fully refund is solely at the discretion of Peurgon. We may offer more than one viable remedy.

Proof of purchase is required to utilise the warranty, and the warranty is only valid for the original purchaser. Once a BeauBin has been passed on to a new owner who was not the original purchaser, then any remainder of the warranty is voided.

This warranty does not cover failures due to misuse, accidental damage or adaptations made to the BeauBin post-purchase. Cosmetic imperfections due to the nature of the manufacturing process are also excluded from this warranty.

We will supply ‘Care of Use Instructions’ for your BeauBin after your purchase. It is essential for the warranty that these instructions are followed otherwise the warranty may be voided.

Innovate Winner

First Place in the 2016 Innovate Competition.

Free Shipping

For BeauBin orders New Zealand wide (excludes orders for accessories).

2 Year Warranty*

For the BeauBin and its permanent parts (click here for terms).