Selecting the right hay net for your horse

Hay net safety

It's important that you select the right hay net for your horse, even when purchasing an ordinary hay net. Do not use any hay net if the holes are larger than your horse's hooves, even if you are tying it up on a fence. Most incidences with hay nets occur when the holes are too large and a horse gets stuck because their hoof, or even sometimes their jaw, has been able to fit through the holes.

The hole size is also important for determining how fast you want your horse to consume its hay. Generally the smaller the size of the holes, the longer it will take your horse to finish eating. Extending the length of time it takes for your horse to consume hay is beneficial when a horse doesn't have access to pasture because it keeps their digestive system, and their mind, occupied.


BeauBin hay nets

We currently have three different hay nets available for the BeauBin® and all of our hay nets are now made from webbing:

  • Standard webbing hay net - 6.5 x 7 cm holes. Suitable for horses that: 
    • Don't need to eat their hay slowly
    • Might get frustrated with smaller holes
  • Medium webbing hay net - 4.5 x 4.5 cm holes. Suitable for horses that:
    • Need to eat their hay slowly
    • Don't get frustrated by smaller holes
  • Small webbing hay net - 3 x 3 cm holes. Suitable for horses that:
    • Need to eat their hay really slow
    • Don't get frustrated by small holes

We recommend starting off with a larger hole size if you are unsure that you're horse will cope with small holes. You can always purchase a second net with smaller holes if required - they are interchangeable and you will be able to swap between different sizes to suit any situation!

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