The BeauBin can do things that other products can't

If you want an easy way to feed hay or baleage that reduces waste and saves money then a BeauBin® could be a valuable investment. The BeauBin® can pay itself off in the short term and ultimately save you money over the long term.

Scroll down to find out why the BeauBin® is different to anything else – you'll be surprised by what it has to offer!


Practical shape

BeauBin tipped on edge

The bin is a half cylindrical shape and the base is a hollow trapezoid shape. The top outer edge of the bin is wider than the outer edge of the base.

Hay doesn’t get stuck in corners and water is easily directed to the drainage opening. The wider edge of the bin reduces the chance of the BeauBin flipping right over if it’s pushed around. If it is flipped over, your horse can use the base to push it back over with their hoof or nose. Use freestanding or see ‘Keeping BeauBin in place’ below to see how you can use the base to prevent your horse from using it as a toy!


Portable size

BeauBin full

The BeauBin measures 63 cm long, 59 cm wide and 35 cm high when empty. The net extends above the height of the bin to accommodate up to 12 kg of hay.

Suitable for miniatures through to large horses, the BeauBin allows your equine to see their surroundings while eating. The compact size is suitable for transporting and using between the paddock and stable - either at home or while away at competitions. The size also allows horses to eat with their head in a lowered position – this promotes dental and respiratory health and is easier on their neck. 


Versatile net system

BeauBin net attachedBeauBin net fitting

Unique heavy duty rivets attach a dozen stainless steel fittings to the underside of the lid. The rivets enable each individual fitting to tolerate up to 300 kg of force. The net is securely attached to the lid via the stainless steel fittings.

This system ensures the net remains attached to the bin, preventing the hay from being tipped or pulled out while encouraging your horse to eat in a natural grazing style. The fittings ensure the detachable net can be replaced or changed and different hay nets are available to suit a range of horses and forages. See the different nets available for the BeauBin here.


Heavy duty plastic

BeauBin empty

The specialised manufacturing process produces strong plastic bin components that are UV stabilised. The BeauBin has an empty weight of approximately 7 kg.

A tough, long lasting bin that can grow old with you and your horse! No need to panic if your horse wants to kick and toss it around, the plastic is tough enough to tolerate typical horse behaviour. The BeauBin also won't blow away in the wind when it's empty.


Easy lid system

BeauBin lid openBeauBin lid closed

The lid is hinged onto the bin via a stainless steel rod, and closes with a turn of two latches at the front of the bin. The benefit is an easy to use, quick method for giving hay to your horse in comparison with using standard hay nets.



BeauBin standard drainageBeauBin drainage cap

The standard drainage opening allows water and dust to leave the bin. A drainage thread and cap is an optional feature that can be added to your BeauBin if you want to soak hay in your BeauBin.


 Functional Base

BeauBin plug

Standard plugs are automatically included to allow you to fill the base with up to 9 kg of sand. Optional water tight plugs can be selected if using water is preferred. The base will hold up to 6.5 L of water.

BeauBin fitting

The stainless steel fixture is an optional feature that can be added before the checkout. It can be used to strap or clip the BeauBin to a fence post or stable wall. 

Innovate Winner

First Place in the 2016 Innovate Competition.

Free Shipping

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2 Year Warranty*

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